Best Dog DNA Tests – 2017

DNA testing is a fairly new technique. Beginning after 2005, dog DNA test kits began arriving in vet offices and some pet supply stores. And just like their human counter-products, dog DNA tests tell us a great deal about our pet family members. TopDog has reviewed the best of these dog DNA testing products for 2017 and has recommended the top 4 for basic DNA dog tests and the top 2 for the more complex dog DNA test.

“As you look into my eyes, and I into yours, my best friend, my loyal and devoted dog – I wonder, who are you? Who were your parents? How can I learn more about you? Oh, if only you could speak – but then no, that is one of your great qualities!” – Anonymous.

Basic DNA Tests for Dogs

buy dog dna testsBasic dog DNA tests can be valuable, not only to dog owners, but to veterinarians as well. It is well known that many conditions and potential illnesses are peculiar to certain breeds of dogs. These particular traits, both good and bad, are passed down from dog generation to generation.

Basic dog DNA testing generally is for two reasons; identifying any potential disease causing DNA markers and dog breed classification and identification. Though these two reasons for a dog DNA test are not mutually exclusive. Once a dog is identified as a being part of a particular breed, then its fairly straight-forward to identify the potential ailments for that breed – which may or may not effect your dog in the future. However, there are some tests for particular dog DNA genetic mutations, should you wish to perform one after discovery of the dogs breed.

Complex DNA Tests for Dogs

Complex dog DNA tests are similar to basic DNA tests  except they offer more detailed information about your pet family member. Complexdog dna tests dog DNA tests tracks thousands of genetic markers Рas well as offering percentage breed identifications. In addition to this, complex dog DNA tests offer insights into any inherited diseases or traits, as well as and genetic risks.

Additionally, complex DNA tests test for MDR1 sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy (DM), dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), PRA blindness, and exercise-induced collapse (EIC).

Complex and detailed DNA testing is no longer just reserved for humans. Your best friend and companion also has a genetic history that he or she wants to share with you. A simple cheek swab inserted into a pre-addressed return box/envelope is all included. What could be simpler?